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The Almighty Riff: Suggestions for Stimulating Musical Creativity

The following is a classic column from the pages of Guitar World.Every great rock song has a great riff, be it a single-note melody or a chordal-based sequence, and that's probably what makes it a great song. Like a great frontman, a really good rock riff should have a hypnotic, star quality.A great riff can take you over; you might find yourself playing it repeatedly for 10 minutes. There's... …

Essential Listening: 10 Great Fuzz Guitar Songs

Musicians can still be a little fuzzy when it comes to describing the sound of fuzz. Some guitarists will tell you it sounds like a 2,000-pound bee trapped in a sturdy metal box—perhaps with a potentiometer installed somewhere behind the wings. ... …

Smashing Pumpkins Premiere "Being Beige" Music Video

Smashing Pumpkins have premiered the new music video for "Being Beige," a track off their latest album, Monuments to an Elegy. You can check it out below. Monuments to an Elegy was released December 9 and was included among Guitar World's 50 Best Albums of 2014. If you'd like to hear another track from the record, check out "One and All" right here. …