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Essential Listening: 10 Great Fuzz Guitar Songs

Musicians can still be a little fuzzy when it comes to describing the sound of fuzz. Some guitarists will tell you it sounds like a 2,000-pound bee trapped in a sturdy metal box—perhaps with a potentiometer installed somewhere behind the wings.And while many fuzz guitar tunes and tones did (and do) make the most of the original fuzz "buzz" sound, fuzz actually has many facets, many sides, many... …

The Almighty Riff: Suggestions for Stimulating Musical Creativity

The following is a classic column from the pages of Guitar World.Every great rock song has a great riff, be it a single-note melody or a chordal-based sequence, and that's probably what makes it a great song. Like a great frontman, a really good rock riff should have a hypnotic, star quality.A great riff can take you over; you might find yourself playing it repeatedly for 10 minutes. There's... …

Smashing Pumpkins Premiere "Being Beige" Music Video

Smashing Pumpkins have premiered the new music video for "Being Beige," a track off their latest album, Monuments to an Elegy. You can check it out below. Monuments to an Elegy was released December 9 and was included among Guitar World's 50 Best Albums of 2014. If you'd like to hear another track from the record, check out "One and All" right here. …