The Bitch is Back: Lita Ford Discusses Her New Live Album, Gear and More



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Knowing Robert Plant the way we do...I'm sure he was joking, but Lita probally thought he was serious. I wonder how much he had to drink......
Intresting take she has on the old Marshalls copared to the new ones. I can't agree with that as you can plug into a Marshall JVM 410 and it doesn't need anything extra (effects or whatever)to sound as good as any Marshall ever made, and even offer MORE.
Even the Marshall JCM2000 DSL is as good as those old Marshalls.



You're right about the Marshall thing, seems just about *anything* with Marshall written across the front sounds great lol! But I also get where Lita is coming use a piece of gear for years on end, and before too long you can get what you want from it like it's second nature. Always dug the ferociousness of the JCM800s, when you crank them to "full tilt boogie" they've got a ballsy, classically heavy scream that's hard to beat!


Lita Ford

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