The Black Keys Apologize to Nickelback ... Sort Of



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Nickelback do suck. As if anyone at GW even likes their wussrock crap.



It's not nickleback that kills music but the twenty-odd other bands that sound like nickleback the record company signs up afterwars just so they (record companies)can cash in. It happens all the time. I don't really like nicleback but I've heard their songs on radio for at least the last ten years. Maybe when the Black Keys have been around as long they can blow some smoke. untill then shut it.



I have no idea what the people above are bitching about... the entire reason they were offended is because an article said they were another Nickleback.

Nickleback isn't a bad band they have alot of decent tunes.. though alot of them sound the same.

people calling out the The black keys for having no talent? the sad thing is they are making bank and you are on here ripping on them like pussies.. go make millions and then comment on a band.

The Black Keys have soul and sadly that hasn't been seen in music for awhile now. they don't write your typical 3 chord radio music.



i always love when crappy indie bands start complaining that they are so much better then everyone and cant understand why all the fans just dont understand that... lol...

people buy their albums and nobody buys theirs... it isnt being forced on anyone, people decide who to like.. but idiots just ignore that fact and think their view is the only relevant one.. probably why i cant name a single song by them... lol

and since when do hipsters speak on what is rock and roll?



what a total idiot!
I consider myself pretty tolerant as far as music taste and opinions, but these guys can't even play well! I suggest a name change from black keys to black shit.



What a couple of DICKS. I do like Nickelback, so I'm biased, maybe, but geez. The death of good music in this era will be looked back on, and groups like Black Keys, White Stripes, Strokes, Killers, etc, will be forgotten.

Nickelback is like Hootie. NOBODY liked them. NOBODY. And they had one of the greatest selling albums in history. That nobody bought. Riiiight.

It's ok to dislike whoever you want, but please be a group that can back up it. Black Keys are a bunch of BORING no talent hacks. If I want to see my neighbor playing in a band, I'll go to a Black Keys show. If I want to see some rock stars, I'll go see Nickelback.



I've been a huge Black Keys fan for a long time, but El Camino was more Pop that Rock'n Roll. Its a long way from Thickfreakness.

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