The Black Keys' Dan Auerbach: "Is Rock Music Dead? I Don't Really Care."



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They suck...


The only thing killing rock is pretentious musicians who luck upon a record deal and pretend to be indifferent to style and pop culture, all the while propagating it. Who are The Black Keys, anyway? Nevermind, I don't care.



"We don't follow trends" he says with his black rimmed glasses and hipster uniform. Give me a break. Get over yourself!

What is killing Rock n Roll is that somewhere down the line it became a sequel to Revenge of the Nerds and cooler to suck at your instrument that have any ability whatsoever.

Between no musicianship and all bands looking like the cast of the aforementioned movie I have lost all hope...



alright, seriously.... this guy needs to just shut the f**k up and play his music.

who does he think he is, john mayer? (not that im a fan of john mayer either, i think he's also a piece of s**t that needs to stop opening his mouth...)



The Black Keys are just okay, IMHO. I don't see why so many people laud them as some great band. I certainly don't see how they get off slinging so much sh*t around.

PS - I hate Nickleback too. I'm from Vancouver as well and have had to suffer with them longer than most.

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