The Black Keys' Drummer Blames Death of Rock and Roll on Nickelback



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Kevin Williams

"Death of rock and roll"... come on. We've heard that line a thousand times before.

Rock and roll ain't going nowhere.



Wow. Stupid. Rock and roll isn't dead. For one thing, I don't know WHY people don't think Nickelback is a good band. They're not the best, but they're good. Second of all, I was just starting to have a little respect for the Black Keys.



I TXTed my good friend drummer Patrick Carney, and we are BOTH in agreement that POISON single handedly SAVED Rock and Roll.



I'm sick and tired of hearing about how Rock n Roll is "dying". It never died, and it isn't currently dying. There's just Rock n Roll. Some bands try it and fail, others try it and succeed.



First, 5 out of the top 10 grossing tours for 2011 were rock acts. Neither Nickleback or Black Keys made the top 5.

Second, Nickleback will laugh their ass of at this stupid comment by the Black Keys. They still have a sense of humor. See the Detroit Thanksgiving Day online protest video on Funny or Die.

Third, blame the millenials for the death of rock. None of the top touring rock acts come from their generation. Gen Xers and older are keeping rock alive.



Rock and roll is dead again?!?! How many times does it have to die before the rest of the planet figures out its dead? I remember when rock and roll died in the 70's...and the 80's...and the 90's... Punk, Disco, New Wave, Grunge, Hip Hop, ect, ect...all killed rock and roll.
And the Black Keys?!?! Really? There is a band I had to look up who they were. I can't name a single song of theirs. But in the drummers mind they are already up there with the Stones, Zeppelin, Beatles, Springsteen. I'll be watching for the Black Keys on their next stadium tour...


I am not a fan of the black keys at all, but this sounds like childish jealousy to me. Nickleback became a bigger band than the black keys, and they dont like that fact, or nicklebacks music, so they throw a fit like this.

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