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Bill Ward was a great drummer. I would bet they wanted him to play on the album too but being Black Sabbath's drummer is pretty physical. He might not be able to keep up anymore. It was sad when they had to leave him out of some concert dates they did a couple years ago.



I'm really upset that Bill Ward is not on this new album "13".
Of all the times to not include Bill, now was not it. This is an earth shaking album because it's supposed to be the original band all these years later. How can they call it "Black Sabbath 13"?
It should be called "Ozzy Osbourne 13".
Why was Bill not included? There shouldn't be a reason. He's so much a part of the original Black Sabbath!
God has kept these four guys alive to this point, and an incredible opportunity to record again in 2013 exists. Why can't the real original four record the new album?
I'm baffled and I don't plan on laying down any money for "13" and so should others boycott "13" without Bill, and who believe Black Sabbath is Bill, Geezer, Ozzy and Tony! That is the way it was written so long ago! Come on guys!

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