Black Sabbath Issue Statement on Drummer Bill Ward's Threat to Quit the Band



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That's utterly ridiculous. Ward is not "causing a beef." He is explaining why the "beef" already exists. (A "beef" not of his own making.)

Apparently Ward's explanation is accurate, otherwise the others would have mentioned it in their response.

If this "beef" is a problem for Tony, then blame those who created it. If anything is a "class"-less act, it's the lack of a fair and proper contract for a founding member. (And it must be noted that at no point did Ward blame any of the other band members.)

This same junk ruined the reunited original Kiss and now it's ruining a potential reunited original Sabbath.



You'd think Bill Ward could at least wait until Tony's condition was a bit clearer before causing a new beef, as if Tony doesn't already have enough to deal with. Not exactly what some would call a "class act" . . .

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