Blackmore's Night: Don't Judge a Book by Its Cover



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Deep Purple, Rainbow fans have all grown up now--at least most of us-Blackmore and his wife Candice have been creating some of the most outstanding, creative, over the top beautiful music for so many years now. I have been amazed that they have not become more well known, especially here in the U.S. The days of listening to teenage anthems is definitely over for me and has been for sometime It is time for the die hard Deep Purple and Rainbow fans to unclog their ears and listen to some of the most amazing work that Blackmore has ever produced. The blending of his extraordinary knowledge and love of classical music, with his virtuoso skills in rock is what you will experience listening to their work. Nothing less than magical!



I love Blackmore's Night so dang much I can't see straight. They have some of the most beautiful, creative and inspiring music. It's a shame anyone would deny themselves listening to something so fun and new just because it doesn't involve headbanging and Blackmore wears garb. Listening to just one genre of music is so boring and unhealthy. Branch out! You'll find out something new about yourself!

I just wish that BN visited the states more often with tours. I've been a fan for years but I've yet to see them live. I so long to see them live but it looks like I will have to travel to friggin Europe to do so!



Ritchie Blackmores Official Facebook just posted this - excellent.



I like it always have. Some folks have to let go and try something new. Great guitar isnt always metal.



I've been a fan of Blackmore's Night since the first album came out and a fan of Ritchie's since '79. I absolutely love this band and saw them in Cleveland, Ohio in October, '99. Met Ritchie for the third time after that show and he was such an incredibly great guy as he was the other times I'd met him.

Ritchie talked about doing a project like this to Kerrang! back in '87, before he ever knew Candice and if you listen to songs like Stargazer, A Light In The Black, Catch The Rainbow, Gates of Babylon and Rainbow Eyes (which Blackmore's Night has redone along with Sixteenth Century Greensleeves and Deep Purple's Soldier of Fortune) then you can plainly hear the influence was always there, just a little louder than it is now!

As for amps, he has a signature head made by Engl, though with BN he uses an Engl combo live as well as on the albums.

For those who'd rather hear him play with Deep Purple and Rainbow, well you have a vast back catalog to choose from but they should really sit down a give BN a chance.



With tastes in classical as well as metal, I always wanted to check out Blackmore's Night, but hadn't until a few weeks ago when I grabbed the Winter Carols CD. Really cool, beautiful music. Love your video posts - didn't know they re-recorded Street of Dreams, one of my favorite songs. Sadly, with internet comments, you might be as likely to get comments on the attractiveness of Candice than on the fantastic music.



Thank you for posting these. I'm a big 70's hard rock fan, and I'm into medieval history, so it's not a stretch for me to dig this, but I never got around to checking it out. True, I like Rainbow better than Blackmore's Night, but I like Led Zeppelin better than Rainbow, doesn't meant I can't like them both. A lot of metal fans get so wrapped up in their music being harder, heavier, and faster, and dismiss anything that isn't "metal". If they simply didn't like songs that weren't metal, it would be one thing. But a lot of them say you're a p***y if you listen to anything BUT metal. I never understood that.



The music is quite good, but personally i still prefer his work with Deep Purple. that said, i am a glad he still manages to keep his career going with new music, while his departure from deep purple allowed steve morse to get some of the spotlight, finally giving him some well deserved fame for his guitar skills.



Kmoed: Thank you for your great comment! I'm glad to hear you listen to BN. I really want to see them live but i'm in Los Angeles and they rarely tour close to me. I think I will plan a trip to Germany the next time they play there. Cheers



Great Article!!
I refused to listen to Blackmore's Night for many years since their inception for the same closed minded reasons as others. Being a huge Blackmore fan I finally relented and picked up Secret Voyage. It is an album that sits in my top 10 now, and the rest of the catalog is fantastic as well. There is plenty electric work in their material from Blackmore, that stands up to everything he has done in the past.If your a fan of Blackmore you are doing youself a disservice by not picking these up, Is it Deep Purple or Rainbow? No, It is something new that's really, really good, YES!

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