Blues Power - Walk, Don't Run: Slow Blues Comping



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Been trying to figure that out for years. Thank you Keith.



Love the blues, and have had holdbacks to playing what I like to here. Glad to come across your lessons, and find them very instructional and easy to comprehend. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and I look forward to viewing more lessons. My wifes gonna get a kick outta this riff.



the videos de work its your computer



mn hey mr. wyatt i scouped all our lessons: mnm fine stuff.

mnm Please: do you think you can wip up a lesson on a walking bass with chords n stuff. you know that cromatic movement in the bass that sounds so... so.. 2eat. haha

ok bye.. Che cho. here.



Just so good , Have been trying it and just changed the way I play ----- Thanks



Please add more Keith Wyatt learning videos, Keith teaching style is fantastic, easy to learn from.

Rock on!



It's not apparent, but I have determined how to adjust the volume control on this video if you are getting no audio. Click on the speaker icon in the lower right corner of the display. This will produce a vertical bar. Click on and drag the red slider symbol on this bar upwards towards the + symbol. This will turn the volume up. I thought the speaker icon was for muting on/off, but it happens to be for volume level. Hope this helps.



very nice.... I should have it down in a day or two...great lesson!!!!



Can someone help. Who do you contact if you have a question?

None of the lessons, tab pages can be openned.



Does anyone know the bass notes to Walk,Don't Run:Slow Blues Comping"?
Keith Wyatt is a great teacher. The figures provided do not contain the bass notes that go with the tune. Thanks



Use a Major scale walk w/ chromatic passing tones 1/4 notes,one note per beat! ex; AC#DD#/EF#GG#/AGF#F/ED#D/D now your at the IV chord,D, do the same 1st pattern as you did on the A but only up to the C# and return to the 1st A pattern but only up to the G# then to the V chord,E, EG#AB ,IV chord DF#GA and to the I chord w/turn around AC#DD#/E DD#E. This is your basic blues bass walk and can be customized to fit the song Ex; changing to a minor scale , fast or slow IV chord change , 12 bar or 8 bar and different turn arounds. The best things to think about is how it fits the chords and rhythm of the song. After a while you will start to feel it automatically. And you'll be able to hear what notes sound good! Have fun!



Another great lesson!!



I can't get any of the videos to work on this site. I've loaded the latest version of macromedia (according to the web site, I'm totally up to date), checked the hosts file and set the security settings to allow to access my computer. Anyone got any other ideas on how to get the videos to play!!!!! Hey Guitar World, give us some other options to play the videos!!!



I see the line under the image move from left to right but the image does not change and there is no audio. What's up? All the embed videos are the same. If this is the way it's going to be, I prefer the CD, even if you don't have enough room for all the stuff you want to advertise.

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