Brian Setzer Premieres New Song, "Let's Shake" — Listen



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Wow, how could we all have forgotten about Teenage Head and their long list of highly influential hits? lol, no disrespect meant toward you, Implulse...(if it's not *too* obvious) I've never heard Teenage Head or their original "Let's Shake" before, oh, about ten minutes ago when I found the song on youtube after you pointed it out, but when you're right, you're right...Teenage Head definitely had the name first in '80! But, more exciting? That's completely subjective, personally I have to give props to the rockabilly sensei over the cult classic Canadians. Theirs is a good song and all, based in the proto power-pop/new wave/radio friendly rocker style that was huge at the time. I'd even make the stretch to say if the original song was released by one of the more established bands in the New Wave/power pop movement it might have even been a hit! Still, you have to give the Top Cat his props...even though he's NOT the first to come up with a rocker called "Let's Shake", Brian and Co. has brought straight up, gritty, greazy rock and roll back to life *again*...although he DOES need to do his homework a little more thoroughly. And, the pianist's nod to The Killer was undeniably great!



Well, I just had to do some more research on Teenage damn, there was a Canadian punk scene? Whooda thunk? Seems "Let's Shake" was one of their tamest songs, and not a real good example of what Teenage Head was/is about (that is, if they're still having a go at it since they lost their singer in 2008, RIP Franky Venom...I hardly knew ya!). Yeah, it just goes to show...guess I shouldn't have jumped on the judgement train before I checked things out! Now I gotta go track down whatever Teenage Head put out over their 30-someodd year career...shame they never made it to NJ (that I know of) :-p



No one??
Try the great Canadian band Teenage Head...their 1980 release Frantic City contains the classic "Let's Shake" which I dare say is more exciting than this.

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