Century Media Pull Catalog from Spotify



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I live in Spain and have been using Spotify for a while now, actually subscribe to it so I don't have to listen to the commercials. I've been buying cd's though recently cause I've become tired of listening to mp3's and just overly compressed music in general. The thing is, the cd's I've bought have been mostly classics, except for Fleet Foxes, my lastest buys have been all records that I've previouly owned on tape, vinyl or cd... Metallica's Ride the Lightning ( my fave), AC/DC Back in Black, For those about to Rock, Let There be Rock, Highway to Hell. Bob Dylan's Together Through Life. All these albums have one thing in common, they're not on spotify. Neither are the Beatles, Zep amongst many others. Still, I mostly discover new music through spotify, music which I otherwise wouldn't care to buy anyway. My band's music is also on Spotify, and I've actually received payment for it, a little bit of money, but something where before there was nothing. I think in general people don't really care or appreciate recorded music the way I did when I was growing up in NYC in the 80's. The way I'd go downtown, buy an album, look at the cover while the record spun on the turntable. Now, you check out a song right away on youtube, or stream it from somewhere, or download it via torrent... and if you don't like it you never listen to it again. Gotta say I love Spotify, and Century Media taking their catalog from there isn't gonna make them sell more records. True fans will buy all they want from a band, probably at concerts instead of stores. But cd's are so expensive. Give you an example: I bought Ride The Lightning for 7 euros, not bad. I'd been wanting the cd for a while but because of the deal Metallica has in some European countries, their cd's were wildly expensive. Over 20 euros in some stores. I refuse to pay that much money for a record, specially one that I've already owned but left behind when I moved to Spain. So for a while I would listen to an mp3 copy a friend made for me. But I really wanted the cd, because hell they sound better. So if cd's were cheaper, maybe I'd buy more instead of always going into the store looking for bargains and just buying what I can afford which isn't always necessarily what you go into the store for, hehe.
Sorry for the semi rant, went a little long there.

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