Cerebral Upheaval: As Blood Runs Black Guitarist Dan Sugarman on Optimizing Your Practice Time, Part 1



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Excellent advice, I wish I read something like that when I begun. Except, of course, I probably wouldn't have listened anyway.


hahaha right? If someone told me when I was just beginning to learn guitar that there isn't an end, then I probably would have been scared away from the instrument all together. Now I find comfort in that fact! Weird how our tastes change and evolve as we grow up right?



Totally love this. Best advice ever (for me)! Keep them coming Dan! Btw, I love the whole "DIVIDE & CONQUER" method. @RonZabrocki, yes I agree we should totally re-read every aspect of this acticle & lesson. Such beast, and awesome mind coming from this Dan guy. Btw Dan, you don't mind if I can copy and paste this and print this out, and give them to my other guitar friends, do ya? Thanks!


Those are some powerful words my dude! "Best advice ever"?!?!?! I love it haha it makes me really happy to know that people such as yourself are getting some good brain food from these articles.

And you can ABSOLUTELY print this out and send it around - in fact, I encourage it! Let me know how it goes over buddy! Hit me up at dansugarmanlessons@gmail.com and keep me posted! I look forward to hearing back from you



I'm amazed by your maturity, technical knowledge and writing style (both guitar and article, ha). at 20! I'm 23 myself. You sound like you would be a great, inspirational guitar teacher.


Pete - thank you for the kind words my man! If you're really interested in guitar lessons then contact me at dansugarmanlessons@gmail.com - I would love to hear from you and set up some jams!


Thanks man, I appreciate your enthusiasm haha I'm glad you enjoyed this. Has this helped you at all in any way yet?



EXCELLENT ADVICE! Should be required reading and rereading and rerereading by all guitarists!
Ron zabrocki

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