Check Out the Finger Friendly Guitar Keyboard — Video



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"It hurts your fingers"? Funny, when I was just starting out (and to this very day, 40 years later), I look(ed) forward to those glorious, carbon encrusted deep lil grooves formed in the ever thickening callouses on my left fingers...they are proof positive, showing hours of effort expended in my lifelong pursuit along the path of musical enlightenment! Still, if this ungainly looking contraption helps someone who is not man (or woman) enough to actually learn the instrument, then Godspeed, I hope they enjoy themselves. Anything that brings music into somebody's life that otherwise would not know the joy of an open ended jam session can't be ALL bad, can it?



Well said progfan. We all heard this same debate over and over about guitar hero and rockband, which is a lot further away from actual guitar playing than this device. I say, anything that gets or keeps people playing an instrument when they otherwise might not, is a good thing. Sure, it's not the same, but neither is riding bike with training wheels, and whether they come off or not, better to have ridden a bike with training wheels than to have never ridden at all.



I already know how to play guitar so I wouldn't use one, but I hardly think this is a bad invention. Any innovation that can help unlock creative potential is a good thing, as far as I'm concerned. I know acoustic guitarists hated electric guitars when they came out, I'm sure pianists hated when synthesizers were invented, and pipe organ players probably hated tonewheel organs. On a related note, Phil Collins was known to use drum machines in Genesis and his solo work, and he's a drummer!



What's the point of this? To make guitar like sounds without actually playing guitar? It does not help you learn guitar. It's essentially a totally different instrument. You can't even play all the notes any more! Not to mention you're using thumb levers? Why not just go play piano instead?

Learning guitar can be challenging but this doesn't make it easier because you'll never play guitar with this piece of equipment.

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