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Chords: The Beatles "Every Little Thing"

Chords: The Beatles



Below is a user-submitted guitar tablature for the song "Every Little Thing" by The Beatles, one of several user-submitted tabs to be found on

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Artist: The Beatles

Song: "Every Little Thing"

Album: Beatles For Sale











 A                  D    E

When I'm walking beside her

  A                 G  A

People tell me I'm lucky

  Bm     A      G      A

Yes I know I'm a lucky guy

I remember the first time

I was lonely without her

Yes I'm thinking about her now

CHORUS                                    Chorus fill

  A            G

Every little thing she does           |---------------|

  G       A                           |-5\3----3/5----|

She does for me, yeah                 |-6\4----4/6----|

  A               G                   |-7\5----5/7----|

And you know the things she does      |---------------|

  G           A                       |---------------|

She does for me, ooh

When I'm with her I'm happy

Just to know that she loves me

Yes I know that she loves me now

There is one thing I'm sure of

I will love her forever

For I know love will never die










 (play intro)

Every little thing

Every little thing


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