Cigar Box: How to Build a Cigar Box Guitar for Around $25



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Wow! I love this. This is the first time I've heard of this (really) I am going to build one. Already ordered some cigar boxes. I am going to make mine a 3 stringer. I can't wait.


Ted Crocker

Great article Brian! CBGs have been around since the Civil War, and are experiencing a huge revival today. There's lots of information on history, building and playing at the Handmade Music Clubhouse


LOL wut?


This article has been featured on (one of the top news aggrigators on the internet) in their Entertainment tab today. Just another example of the growing interest in cigar box guitars!



Drew Curtis, the founder of Fark, is an ungrateful prick that was one lucky Kentucky hick. Makes $$$ from other people's writing and journalism because of some geek code he came up with. Fark and sites similar to it are a strong cause of why the newspaper industry is almost non-existent.

Ask him about SLAYERSWINE. He'll probably ban you from posting. I was #779 as far as signing up and I helped organized the very first Fark party in Chicago all the way back in 2002. My name was mentioned by other people in the story headings of submissions 10 times in one year before receiving a lifetime ban. It has been almost 10 years now. One of the main reasons IMO is I had become almost as popular as Drew, and HE DID NOT LIKE THAT !

Tell him I said to go get blown by Jeff the fat pig with the green teeth.

Someday, if I am lucky, I'll run into that jerkoff when he visits Chicago. I SOOOOOOOO want to let him know how I feel...

As far as the cigar-box guitars, Jeff Beck constructed one when he was young.


free GORGOR!!!



It would be great if this article was to appear in the mag as well. Just saying.

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