A Clean and Sober Ace Frehley Discusses Kiss' Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Debacle and More



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We will probably never get the whole truth about what happened with the original lineup. Bottom line is that the band was never the same (or as good) after Ace and Peter left. Ace and Peter brought something to the show that couldn't and still can't be duplicated.



Boy, every time you read anything in regard to Kiss they seem like a bunch of clowns. Let's face it, they are a novelty band. Many novelty acts get very popular and sell millions of records, like the Monkees and the Partridge Family. Kiss should be so grateful that they got into the HOF but instead turn it into an ego driven circus.


Gina Elizabeth

Whenever GordonGerbert comments on Ace Frehley posts, it's a desperate attempt to sell his book of crap.



Whenever Ace telegraphs publicly that he's "clean and sober", it's a direct message to Gene and Paul because he's desperate to get back in KISS.
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