A Clean Sweep: Mastering Sweep Arpeggios with John Petrucci



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Hi john,
Thank you for the great lesson!
I had just finished trying to play your amazing solo from the song "The Best of Times". I'd love to hear your opinion and get your tips for improving my sweep picking...


Thanking you in advance :)



John, thank you for the great lesson. It is very helpful. How about the sweep arpeggios that involve playing two notes on the same string? I am always not sure what to do with them. For example, the G major triad in "D" chord shape. It involves playing B and D on G string. (In addition, you play G note on B string, B note on low E string, G note on D string, D note on A string, B note and G note on hight E string). I feel the sweep is "interrupted" and have to change the picking direction when playing two notes on the same string (B note and D note on G string in this example). Any advice to share?


Stephen Quinn

Great lesson! Very helpful with with developing my sweep picking.

George Engelbrecht

Very cool lesson :) Thank you!



Thank you so much John. I was just thinking the other day, after trying to play some of your solos, that I need to find some lessons on the elusive art of sweep picking. Now I have some work to do.

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