The Complete Guitarist: Fingerpicking 101 and Beyond



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Aniruddha Biswas

I am struggling a lot with my pick-hand string muting technique. I hope working my behind off with your finger picking exercises will develop good enough pick-hand finger independence to master pick-hand string muting technique. Your "Scales" & "Arpeggios" exercises are quite helpful. Thanks 4 sharing your knowledge Sir.



Great post!

I don't think I had much fingerpicking technique at all until I started learning classical, and working my butt off with right hand patterns like those.

Have you ever used Federick Noad's "Solo Guitar Playing"?


Hey Ben,
Thank you for checking out my blog! Yes I have used it a long time ago. A great resource. Check out the Aaron Shearer Classical Guitar Method Books 1 and 2 and Scott Tennants Pumping Nylon. Both great books on fingerpicking technique. Thanks again!!



i like this finger_picking knowledge,that is a good work i am impressed by your work..thanks body


Hey thank you for checking out my blogs my friend. It is very much appreciated and glad you are enjoying them...

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