The Complete Guitarist: Major- and Minor-Scale Excercises to Improve Your Playing



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box of dope

right on dude, keep at it. pretty much how i learned guitar, and it still helps to read, tips, lessons, reviews, etc. but dont worry too much about all of it, work at speaking with it as if it were you talking, and develope your own voice with it. malmsteen is malmsteen so you should be you.



I'm finding this a interesting read, I also looked at your earlier reads -> "Being a better student". I am a late bloomer I suppose to music I'm 51. I've had a "air guitar" for but seriously though I do have the passion to learn and I agree that by only practice will move you forward not just reading but I personally am having difficulty in understanding music and especially with the guitar. I read about intervals, modes and scales from different sources including and especially-Guitar World. I'm doing this on my own interpretation for I haven't the funds to get lessons from a teacher. I read this stuff as many times as necessary to comprehend whats being written. Yea I'm exercising my hand up and down the fret board "trying" to get clean notes and improve my speed gradually. Gets frustrating how it sounds sometimes no matter how hard I try.

I'm glad I came across Guitar World, for the beginner it's a "God Send" and continually save material from here on my computer for later reading. I find your columns here Richard especially inspiring and easy to understand. Keep up the good work, lord knows I need it.

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