The Complete Guitarist: Solving the Mystery of "the Zone"



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"Learn everything, master it and forget it. Here's where the brain must detach from the fingers" This is something common to any craft you learn. Such a good advice! But can be misunderstood. Having played for many years, I understand that the only way to sound fluent is to be in auto pilot mode.


Hey Realpeguitar,
Thank you for checking out my blog my friend! You are absolutely right to say that fluency in anything especially an instrument comes from being in auto pilot mode, not thinking just playing and flowing in the moment. And it is very misunderstood. Some forget about the mastery and practice part. Thank you for reading and the great feedback. Much appreciated.


Thanks so much for reading Tkrox...what you described is an excellent example of what I wrote about! Keep up the playing my friend and thanks for checking my blog space out!



Thanks man I like the the concept of visualizing. I find sometimes after sitting at work all day I can just go home and play all the songs I was thinking about during the day with ease because - mentally I've practiced the parts and the switches - good to know I've not gone mental. I can keep playing my parts on the corner, or as you say - "en mente". not that this replaces practice - just a great concept for musicians.

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