Courtney Love Calls Out Dave Grohl



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Do the math...
$5,000,000 per show divided by the average ticket price of say $100 = 50,000 people needed at each concert? Plus all the staff, expenses etc. This woman has and always will be talking out of her c**t



Courtney who...?


57 Stratman

If Kurt had never gotten involved with that disgusting Bimbo, he would probably still be around today. I wish that nasty snail trail would just crawl off somewhere, and OD so the rest of the world could forget she ever existed. Notice how Dave Grohl has the class to not even rise to her bullshit...


deedee ramone

She's our generations version of Yoko Ono, a no talent bimbo that snagged the greatest songwriter out there and lined her pockets.


This no-talent cuntrag wouldn't be owning her late husband's band legacy if she hadn't put a hit on him. Yesh, I said it.



+1 Alex.

Alex Rude

She was not in Nirvana and had absolutely nothing to do with their success. Dave Grohl on the other had was in the band and was instrumental in their success. Like Courtney Hole doesn't make enough off of her dead husband's legacy that she deserves nothing from to begin with. Someone please put her out of our misery!


What a no-talent bitch!!


What a no-talent bitch!!


She'll do anything for publicity, the damm has been. If she hadn't married Cobain, she never would've been famous to begin with.


scott rotten

Cool! An antirockstar bought a cheap car!

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