Courtney Love Plans to Sell Cobain’s Belongings



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And I even agree with Courtney's decision. She can never move on with her life as long as she keeps a houseful of his crap. Do people honestly expect her to be able to progress past his death if she has his junk littering the place? Good for her.



This seems a bit cheesy and opportunistic. Love's "movie career" panned out to be nothing, and Hole is a long forgotten band. It's not surprising that she would do something like this to get her name in print again and make some money. I know they had millions, but, given her lifestyle and personality, I'd bet she's squandered it. Give some to charity? Sounds fishy not saying how much or to which charity.

BTW, Frances Bean would now be 15 years old. I think she can decide what she wants of her father's possessions without her mother deciding for her. Wow, this baby is now 15--makes ya feel old.



This does not surprise me in the least.
Love has always been a greedy person.
Besides who cares what she does with the no talents herion addicts belongings.
Cobain sucked and so does she.

More Tone, Les Paul
Now shut up and play yer guitar!



courtny should not do this!!! aggg i absoultly hate her!!! and what is with this "look alike" thing??? she needs to go die!

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