March 13, 1965: Eric Clapton Quits The Yardbirds



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No mention of Jimmy Page, who eventually got the first chair guitar job for the Yardbirds and evolved them into Led Zeppelin. I remember back in 1965 when I was young lad reading about Clapton quitting in this little Song Hits pulp magazine and they showed a picture of the band with Clapton in his skinhead haircut and thinking to myself "Good riddance, how good could this Clapton guy be? He doesn't even have long hair" Ha! Well, he grew his hair out, and like Sampson, he developed power!



hi, guitarladd. thanks for reading and commenting. the only reason i didn't mention page is because A. he actually turned down the job when he was offered it after clapton left (it was page who suggested jeff beck for the job) and B. he was already doing very well for himself as an in-demand session guitarist.



“For Your Love” was written by struggling writer Graham Gouldman (later of 10cc), who couldn’t sell it to his own record company for his group the Mockingbirds. The Yardbirds made it their first hit single but its success did convince Eric Clapton to leave. Rockaeology at tells how Clapton, frustrated that the music was becoming too commercial, bristled at having to perform the song’s harpsichord riff (played by Brian Auger on the record) on a 12-string guitar.

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