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he has since switched up kit. Godflesh had dropped down to on drop A tuning. I also forgot to mention the pitchshifter boss pedal, with which he achieved lush orchestral synthesizer like tones (relying somewhat on the heaviness of tritone chords.)
At last check he was using A line 6 pod and schecter 7 string guitar. Needless to say an article on this artist would definitely make my birthday. Guitarworld could visualize it better than the well written Maelstrom article.Jesu. Flesh of RA.2010


As a devout Broadrick cultist it should be pointed out that JK dropped tunings from c# to c then b. he also uses a fender fat strat(maybe an ultra) with a double humbucker in the bridge and locking tuners. his boss pedals are vintage the heavy metal two, the harmonist and an analog delay. And his solos are so bass heavy that it is rumoured they have caused women to orgasm. Buckethead has played with a lot of the same musicians i.e. Brain and Sir Bill Laswell. Flesh of RA. 2009

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