Daniel Gilbert: Guitar 101 Column - Triad Nuggets, June 2010



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To much info I got pratices. where the tabs for it. I try to listen. I like your smooth sound you got. how can I get it. I got a fender frontman 25R and a Ibanez RG 2 EX1. can you help me in how to organize music. the basic I know the 12 bar blues but i always get lost when i have to solo over it in a song. I been trying to solo over a song call A minor by peter anderson. It a track for a contest. I can solo over but i can't organized my solo into it to sound powerful. I'm useing the a mionr and the c scale which is the same. Please help if you can Thank you for all very videos I like then. E-Mail Vel.crow@hotmail.com

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