Dave Mustaine Apologizes to James Hetfield for Bringing Up Supergroup Idea



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Did anyone else do like me where you saw the article about Mustaine suggesting a supergroup,getting hyped, then immediately afterwards seeing this article? I will say, the more and more stuff I read about Dave, the less i think he's an ass though.


Mustaine shouldn't do them any favors. For him (mustaine) to stoop as low to play with them, would be taking two steps back in his career. Mustaine slaughtered Hammett,at the reunion show. Kirk can't even hold Dave's guitar stand when it comes to soloing or rhythm playing. Megadeth outplays Metallica every gig. I'd love to see Hetfield even try to play and sing something like "Poison was the Cure". It would be hilarious! One thing is for sure, at least Mustaine still knows how to play all of "his" old music and doesn't have to be re-taught how to play his own solos. I think its also funny that Hetfield speaks about the "old Dave". Hetfield is the one who hasn't changed. Still has to be in control of everything and Mustaine keeps becoming more humble to the situations that arise, year after year. It's pathetic watching and listening to Hetfield. Those who do not learn from past mistakes are surely doomed to repeat them. The Rust in Peace anniversary tour annihilated anything Metallica has done in 20 years,inside of 47 minutes of playing. Hetfield should be on his knees to play with Mustaine. At least then Hetfield could be a part of a great band again. Too bad for him. Long live Megadeth!!!!!



Way I see it, Dave just made a comment about being open to the idea of making music with those guys. It's not as if he was selling tickets to a reunion show!
Anyhoo Megadeth continues to release great music and Metallica, well they still have their back catalog. St. Anger, Death Magnetic lol...


Mustaine wants back in SO BAD it's pathetic! He kisses all their asses so much I'm suprised they don't have blisters. The truth is, he's a lot better player than Hammett. I'm a HUGE Metallica fan and Kirk's great, but Dave's better. The problem is, and it was back then, he wanted to lead that band and there's ZERO chance Hetfield would allow that to happen! The best Metallica lineup would have been Hetfield, Burton, Mustaine, and Lombardo (and yes, Lombardo was VERY close to being in that band because old "you know who" couldn't play drums!). That band would've been so great you wouldn't have been able to listen to it. Like staring at the sun! Dave's just sad now...



I think I would like Megadeth more if Mustaine weren't such a dick. Some of the time he's a dick, not all of the time.


Don't forget, he's a racist too!

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