Dave Mustaine: The Guitar World Interview



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Was Mustaine really serious when he says the Drover brothers are better than Marty and Nick??? I'm sure they're good ol' Canadian boyz...but talent wise? Marty's playing was just as important as Dave's on those albums...and Menza at the time was the best metal drummer in the world!!!



Oh My God, He badmouths EVERYONE who ever played with him!!!

Just wait ´till Chris Broderick goes for this or that reason, Dave will go "Our new guitar player, (_Fill in the blank____) is waaaay better than Broderick, who wasn´t that good"

everyone can see that! Puleeze!

and to think that Hetfield, Ulrich and Hammett have been together for 20+ years....



Seriously - I don't think Dave had heard of some of these exotic scales before Marty joined and now he claims he sung the solos???



mustaine highley under rated



dave man you rock
you just came to bangalore but i counln't make it(its damn far)
come to mumbai(bombay) there are loads of megadeth fans here
you'll get a great crowd



i dont know why he is so insecure about his playing im mean if my solos for my band suck they suck but if they sound like they should be recorded they should be recorded cause come on you got to admit Dave is an awesome player lead and rythm and he has a goofy voice wel;l i wouldnt say goofy but like on songs like "Sweating Bullets" He has goofy vocals but they are awesome.Thats what makes MEGADETH awesome Dave's playing and his awesome vocals.



ive been checking out your guitar lessons in the guitar world magazines and i think they suck,hows about showing us some of your soloing work in a song like holy wars or something, this beginer palm muting stuff is the same shit over and over ,its like guitar world puttin in tabs for silent night or mary had a little lamb or some other simple crap,ive been a fan of megadeth since you started,im sure your tryin to cater to beginers,but what about the rest of us who can play better?no dissrespect intended here ,but i dont want to pay 8 bucks for a mag and learn how to pluck one string lol come on dude



I have always been a fan of Megadeth and let me tell you Megadeth still blows my mind........

Just wondering when is Megadeth gonna come back to Canada???

And are the new tablatures for Warchest available yet??



keep grindin em axes!!!!!!!!!!!



Hi Dave.

It's great to see all of your accomplishments. I
remember you when you were just starting in the 70's. We went to Marina in Krepke's class.
Keep Jammin'

Mike Grey



Great interview, I hope we can contact you via email for your column, I hate to say it I've been a fan for years, Hate the new album, don't know why, just can't listen to it.



Dave Mustaine is the greatest composer and performer in the metal idiom. Dave, you won't read this but you have EVERYTHING, don't throw it away again, dumbass.



Great Interview always been a fan cant wait to see his lessons

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