Dave Mustaine Performs "The Star-Spangled Banner" for New Film, 'America' — Listen



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Is GW run by the tea party? Mustaine is a long haired Sean Hannity.



The article was about Mustaine's cover of the "Star Spangled Banner"-- nothing more. It doesn't seem to have an opinion on the movie itself one way or the other, so lighten up and enjoy the guitar work.



well im not that easy over this . AMERICA'S STAR SPLANGLED BANNER done in this lowest form . THE WHOLE WORLD comes on and here's star spangled banner by ??? the world should hear the. BEST, BIGGEST, LOUDEST ,MOST RIPPING composition THAT CAN BE ACHIEVED ...



Thought this was him playing live. Sounded a little under played. Needed some neat flawless stuff going on. But that's pretty usual nowadays.



Any attempt to link Dave Mustain to Jimi Hendrix (45 anniversary) is a joke. Further, any attempt to draw people into right wing politics using Jimi Hendrix is an absolute perversion and insult to everything Jimi Hendrix had to experience (no pun intended) and battle through to become one of the greatest guitarists to have ever lived (remember, he had to go to the UK just to get a record deal)

Dave Mustain can play the National Anthem... big deal.

Can you imagine how stoked Mr. Hendrix (at 66 yrs old) would have been to have seen a black president in his lifetime?



Not bad. Better than his recent attempt at classical music, but I don't know who I like less...Mustaine or Dinesh D' Douche Bag.



Great job by Mustaine. I liked it.



Sounds great! A straight ahead version with the spirit of Hendrix.

It's wonderful to see a public person in the music biz having the courage to stand strong against the American hating Marxists along with their "useful idiots". I wonder how so many can stay blinded by the realities of today. I guess it's the truest definition of "fanatic". The extreme fanatic eventually becomes the very thing they hate.

Can't wait to see and support this film. A little truth amongst the myriad of lies and deceit presently being perpetrated across this country will be bit of fresh air. The usual sulfur filled stench of the cesspool that is the present regime is getting very sickening.



Really kind of boring. Could just as easily been played on an kazoo.

I used to respect Dave M. but he went around the bend (politically) a long time ago. He is kind of a joke now.



Thoughts? Mustaine is a douche, and the fact that he would work with a guy like D'Souza only reinforces his doucheiness. As far as this version, it's no more interesting than stuff I've heard being played by guys shopping at Guitar Center.



Agreed, i now lost any remaining respect for Mustaine. Why he would lend his music to this racist film, i don't know. Does Mustaine think Jimi Hendrix should have been a slave? Do they really think Slavery and the murder of millions of Native Americans is a good thing?



You lost respect for Mustaine because he stands up for his beliefs?

How is this film racist? Does it really promote slavery and murdering native Americans? I haven't scene the movie myself (but I'd like to), but you are the first person to state this.

I thought it was a film that takes the hypothetical scenario where America itself is never founded thus portraying an alternative history? How is that racist?



Mustain did a mighty fine job. Played it straight, as it supposed to be played.

The Hendrix version was done in a time when shock value still had meaning. Since then, I've heard more perversions of The Star Spangled Banner than I care to think about. Almost all of them suck with Iced Earth's version being a welcomed exception.

In retrospect, the Hendrix version wasn't really that good as The Star Spangled Banner and I'm not sure he even knew all the correct notes. It was exceptional as a means to showcase what could be done with a Strat and a stack of Marshalls at the time.

Thank you, Dave.



Nice but Hendrix rules the roost



I liked it. It's solid and steady. I wish there had been some flashy parts but it's still a nice listen.
Good job Mr. Mustain & may God Bless you.

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