Dave Mustaine Talks About Recording New Megadeth Album, 'TH1RT3EN'



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After United Abominations Mr. Mustaine said that he was putting out two more records before retiring. Does this mean this is the last of Megadeth?



I cant wait either.



I'm so ready for new Megadeth music I almost considered buying Risk.


If we have to wait for the album, then we have to wait. Megadeth albums are always good, some better than others. Can't wait to get it!!
This is one of the better interviews that Dave has done. Some are horrible and I can just see him walking away shaking his head, 'that guy is an idiot!' They need to quit rehashing the metallica thing and move on. That's old news and people wont let it stay in the past.
Keep looking foreward, Dave!



I am really looking forward to Megadeth's new album. I enjoy all of their songs, the structure, lyrics, melodic content, the grooves, it all is just so well written.

I hope Dave wasn't catching a cold or anything, it seemed that he may have been. Maybe he was just talking real low, and he just seemed real modest.

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