David Gilmour: Crony Island



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Whats crackin cuz."white shirt black pants vice versa"
"Rosemont Horizons" "Chicago 1988 Learning to Fly"

Dave I lost my way kool $28.00 concert shirt over a guard rail where I had slung it to take a wiz in the parking lot and because I was so blazinly intoxicated I forgot it there and we came up from Broomfield Colorado, that was 22 years 10 months a few days and then a few hours ago. Heartwrenching. Alan and I had arrived hours before the show to test out the wet bar we had recently installed in his van (basically a large cooler full of budweiser). Say I have only but recently been this adept respectifully. Wrenching. I am interested in Rockin at a National Level some day still. I wrangle a six string too. Tell there kids I said Hello. I only met Yerdos and Wilie a couple times unfortunately. Wow.



Thanks for putting it up on the site. Very enjoyable.

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