David Gilmour Discusses the Making of His Fender Signature Black Strat



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David Gilmour has to be one of the greatest guitarists of all time! Not sure I can afford the $4800 price tag, but if it makes me sound as good as this video then it would be well worth it

David Gilmours Strat



... it's a friggin' guitar man. Made of wood and electronics. When are people gonna' wake up, and see that all these "kats" are gettin' "fat" off our cash. I have a $180 Agile Dauntless that would shame any of these overpriced pieces of wood.
GET REAL! Gibson, Fender, Jackson, PRS, Ibanez, all you mofo's...



Go conquer the world with your 180$ guitar. Guitar is just a piece of wood, yeah, a car is just a piece of metal, but there's Mercedes and there's Fiat.
There's so much to know about electric guitar. Choosing the kind of wood is as important as choosing a salon's wood. If you just sit on it then why the quality of the wood is so important? From the same reason. It's part of the product.
Guitar is not just strings and fretboard and volume knob.

Do homework my friend, and read a little about history of wood and guitar, and then move on to electronics. When you'll get to the part of the difference between .022 and .047 capacitors, maybe then you will understand about guitars and why one guitar cost 5000$ and the other cost 180$.



yeah right u have 180 dollar pickups to. nothing compares to gilmour`s guitar

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