Dean From Hell CFH Electric Guitar



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fuck I'd Love To Play One Of Those One Day!
r.i.p Dime,One Of The Greatest There Will Ever Be



On the gear section of this website where Paul talks about the review of Dean's "CFH", he states that he doesn't know what the electrical tape over the neck pickup is for. Suprisingly from Guitar World, he should've known that the tape is for that the strings won't get caught on the sides of the neck pickup when depressing the tremelo bar really low. Now if he'd read the article in the magazine, he would've known that. That's just sad.



but when u buy it at guitar center it does not come with come with wammie bar so if anyone goes to guitar center youlll have to put in ur own bar so yeah that sucks

r.i.p dimebag darrell we miss u brother dime



i bought it from a guitar center and it came whith the bar .....any ways guys there is not buts it is just an over all excalibur of a guitar i just love the dimebucker pick-up..6 out of 5 stars



This is a killer axe, as well as is his signature Krank amp. Thanks for keeping us posted on Dime-related info. He was a great guitarist, and seemed to be a really nice guy who cared about his fans.

For us Dime-heads, check out Dimebag's Gear.

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nastiest guitar int the F-ing world! Rip Dime.

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