Dean Zelinsky Announces Issuance of Patent for Z-Glide Neck



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I used to hate painted/polyurethene necks. I shaved my Kramer "that sounds kinda funny lol" and it promptly warped on me DOH!I've recently got an oiled maple neck Jackson and a PRS Torero. And have no problem with either. Truth be known I think when you develop calloused hands it greatly reduces friction. But that's my Hakims Razor theory lol.



I have been playing on a Z-Glide neck now for right around 3 years as my main guitar. I got it from Dean when it was in its testing phase. I can honestly say I spend no more time on cleaning this neck than I do any of my other guitars and there is no grime build up.

I thought the neck would have an odd feel when I first saw it but I can honestly say that I have no issues going from it to any of my other guitars and I don't even notice a difference between the feel of the necks when playing. What I do notice is that no matter how much I sweat on stage, I never have to wipe down my neck during a performance. My hand glides up and down the neck like its a well worn/used neck that has been played on for years.

Give it a try! You never know if you are going to like something until you actually try it! Don't resist change just because it isn't what you are normally comfortable with. I wish ALL my guitars had Z-Glide necks on them!



Didn't know standard necks were being such a hassle. Never had issue with mine but because it is well worn from playing :)

Probably won't be interested as it looks as a huge grime buildup.



Looks like alot of sweat dirt and grime will build up over time. I would not get one.

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