Dear Guitar Hero: Joe Satriani Talks Dive Bombs, Amps, Shiny Guitars and More



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Hey Joe! You're truly incredible first of all! I have been a fan since my friend showed me the Satch Boogie mtv video when it first was released. Your music is inspiring and motivational to me.

I have had numerous arguments deciding on which model of Ibanez RG guitar you played on in the Satch Boogie video. I know it's been a while, but was it an RG540? I have a 1988 RG140 myself, and I still love it! I bought it because of your video. It is white with a light maple fretboard. I love it!

Thanks for the music and keep rockin'/ kickin' ars!

Todd Rosenzweig
Spring Hill, Florida



HEY JOE!!!! I was just curious would you ever use any ibanez sz's. my buddy told me they've almost got the some sound as one of your signatures, with the slight variation of a seymour duncan instead of a dimarzzio but they still have 1 piece bodies


Bobby Close

I play how i feel but i want to learn What i play. I need lessons and not ashamed to say it. I play and play and play and thats all i do. Im getting a peavey windsor full and i been playing on the same silvertone for 10 years. I can play songs by tablature but i want to learn correctly and to know every note on the board. I looked for lessons but i couldnt find one. I only play how i feel and can move fast on the board and make it sound good to others cause of the speed and how i fuse the notes together to make everything sound good but i know im missing somthing. I have good days and bad days and i really want to learn everything. My silvertone is my baby and i have been playing on a peavey 115 bass amp for 3 years and now i have a job so im getting a windsor. Got any tips that can be distributed i put play licks on my myspace just trying to have fun.

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