Dear Guitar Hero: Neil Giraldo Talks B.C. Rich Eagles, "Jessie's Girl," Jeff Beck, Producing and More



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Neil is a great guitarist and definitely one of rock's unsung heroes. I really like his guitar work and songwriting on the PB albums. I spent a lot of time trying to learn his solos. I also had a BC Rich Eagle in the 80s, but got tired of changing batteries and sold it.



Yeah that solo is definitely his trade mark all over that song. That blew me away. I've been around that GH stuff seeing TV of Rick chasing those cougars around like if was the cougar posse patrol with John Stamos. He even played that personality as his character. But he did make it trough and you did him justice lol, and when Pat headlined the Grammy’s all in 80's. Congrats. Your playing was very influential for me and really enjoyed those chops.


box of dope

cool guy,glad they are still around. when i was young my dad would play hell is for children to scare us. but i think it had the opposite effect, great song to this day.

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