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Dear Guitar Hero: Richie Sambora

Dear Guitar Hero: Richie Sambora

If you could take only one guitar on tour, what would it be? —Earl Ashton

I’d have to say my own model, my ESP Richie Sambora model. As I said before, it’s very versatile when it comes to the sounds it can deliver. Plus, it’s extremely comfortable to play— the balance is perfect, and it’s nice and light. And it looks awesome. If I really had to go onstage to play a whole show with just one guitar, I wouldn’t have to think too hard about it. As it is right now, I do play most of the set with that guitar. So there you go.


Les Paul was a great friend of yours. When you think back to the times you two spent together, what’s your fondest memory of him? —David Dameo

There are a lot of great memories. Most of all, I treasured our conversations, whether they were at my house, his place or in hotel rooms. The friendship we had was very special. I could write a book with the incredible stories he told me. Of course, jamming with him was unbelievable. I played with him at the Iridium [the Manhattan jazz club where Paul performed every Monday night beginning in 1995] and before that at Fat Tuesday’s [a famed New York City nightclub that closed in 1995]. I played with Les many times, and every time meant something. He was an amazing guy. He was a legend, and he lived long enough to realize he was a legend. What more can you say?


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