Dear Guitar Hero: Submit Your Questions for Johnny Winter!



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I saw you perform in Chicago in 1981 with Muddy Waters, Willie Dixon, and Buddy Miles. Do you remember that performance and if so what stands out for you about that night?

Thank You sir


BonerZ Slide Bo...

Wondering if Johnny Winter would consider trying out a Bonerz Slide 100 percent Bone guitar slide made out of a old dog bone they have a certain zing without distortion that you get from the glass and brass. Very hard material made out of a Space Age substance created 500,000 thousand years ago by aliens. If so I will send him one to his specs Free of Charge Jeremy Spencer Fleetwood Mac Guitarist 67-71 has a few in his arsenal and can be seen using one by typing in Jeremy Spencer 2012 on a YOUTUBE search bar! Im easy to find if you need to get a hold of me I would be honored to send one to
Johnny Winter.

Adam Norgren
CEO BonerZ Slide
The worlds only 100 percent precision bone guitar slide and most under advertised because of lack of funds to pay the man the money for the add due to current economic system

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