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Hi Marty. Must be really different living in Japan. I am curious..I am a martial artist and guitar player. Martial arts for over 40 years and playing guitar seriously for the last ten. I have studied two distinct Japanese martial arts.Shoto kan and my favorite Aikido.. I am wondering if you are studying any sort of martial arts and how you see music and martial arts combining the flow of melodies and movement.



What is your favorite sushi roll?


better than hendrix

I once heard you don't know theory but your playing is insane. Did you ever pick up theory or do you just go by feel?



Hi Marty, I'm happy to have the chance to ask you those questions, hope you will answer.

I would like to know how do you plan your days for working music, how many hours do you play guitar, when do you rest?
I know that you don't do the same thing everydays but I would like to know your working schedule (for exemple : 9h00 studio, 12h00 break...)
Can you compare the routine guitar pratice you had in the 80's,90's with 2012?
Do you have the time for listening a lot of music? discovering new artist?

During your Cacophony and Megadeth's period did you need to practice a lot everydays?

I've listened all of the musics you did in japan, I really like the way you mix rock music with the Jpop style, Tokyo Jukebox 1 and 2 are really great, that inspire me a lot.
I think that would be cool if you do a new dvd who explain your new influences, or maybe some videos exchanges like Paul gilbert do in this moment.
Sorry for asking all those questions... but that's the good moment for it, hahaha!
Thank you a lot




What you create this weird but perfect legato licks, and arpeggio shapes? The sound that you get with them is just amazing, and your creativity, more than words, you are one of my more influential guitar players. Arigatou Marty-san :D


Whats is your most memorable experience from MegadetH, and what was the funniest moment during the MegadetH Era? :)


I've got one for Marty! Why are you such a dickhead to your fans who have the chance to meet you?


Wood and Metal

Apart from when you're adapting existing Japanese melodies, how do you come up with your main melody and harmony ideas?

Is it primarily inspiration, improvisation, a mix of those two or is there some other method involved?


Also - what's your haircare routine, how does it look so good at your age?


Are you going to be writing more film score themes?
What's your home studio setup? (DAW, plug-ins, etc).
When are next coming to the UK?




I seen you and met you in Tempe AZ when you came by in Music for Speeding Tour. You are really a better guitar player than DM of MD and Paul Gilbert. My question is why don’t use GW more as your platform for your guitar workshops. You seem like a better instructor.



Do you regularly study any foreign music styles/genres, and if so, how do you feel they've impacted your playing style? Do you find more influence or inspiration from any works from a particular country?



why did you stop endorsing jackson guitars ?



Love hangar 18 I think marty did his best work with megadeth

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