Dear Guitar Hero: Submit Your Questions for Ratt's Warren DeMartini!



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Did you find George Lynch guitars influencing to you. What I mean is what gave you your own design of guitars. I see Charvel. I meet Charvel in Redlands CA. And saw him in Fontana Ca checking out Racer X about the sometime. I don’t think I seen you guys till later. I believe Randy Rhoads just died. Any how always love you man seen you in Tempe with good ole Cavazo. Love how you got your start and all that followed you where a huge influence. And I mean huge. I pop you in every chance I had. You have the whole " I 'm gonna play with you baby" I just went crazy over it. And still do today your red hot raw guitar sound was just touch less and still is today. Sorry you did not make the GWBracket GEENGADE



Has the band Ratt ever considered changing its name? Ratt is something I would have thought was cool when I was in JR. High. But when you grow up you think, "Man, I am glad we did not name the band ratt!" But in your case its like...."Man! We named our band Ratt! What are we 14!?!"
Of course you can always take comfort in the fact that you are not calling yourself "Kid Rock!" when you are forty something. Or "Edge"...also something that looses it charm after puberty.

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