Dear Guitar Hero: Yngwie Malmsteen Answers Readers' Questions on Sweep Picking, Amps and Arrogance



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Aniruddha Biswas

Yngwie's gr8, but I have one question. He says he don't sweep-pick arpeggios cause the notes ring into one another. Then why the hell he posted a lesson named "A clean sweep: Mastering sweep-picked arpeggios with Yngwie Malmsteen" on 31/07/2013??? I follow John Petrucci & Malmsteen's lessons to develop my sweep picking. Any help on sweeping arpeggios??? anyone???


I have never understood anyone who plays guitar trashing another Guitarist (with the exception of Tom Morello) We are all Brothers or that is the way I see it. Unless you come from a completely dysfunctional family. You would never trash your brother publicly. If you think about it people like Mr. Malmsteen give up a lot to perform and Tour the planet. So he deserves a little RESPECT. After-all he is the best at what he does and probably the first.



" I don’t have a need for that anymore. I just do what I do."

Then why are you still such an arrogant ass?

Yeah, and I'll remind everybody here of who I am... I just one more guy typing snarky comments into the GuitarWorld website. Yngwie plays much better than I do, has sold a lot more records, and is a lot more famous.

But he's still arrogant.



It's not that the Japanese are weird, they just don't overreact to trends. If they liked something in the 80s, they still like it. Only Americans are so tied into trends. For example, heavy metal in general died (or went deep underground) in the 90's in America, but continued to be popular just about everywhere else in the world.

When someone asks a question about a shortcut to accurate speed playing and Yngwie says there isn't a shortcut, why is that a negative on him? If you want to play faster and cleaner, practice. If you're too lazy, then work with what you already have.

By the way, Ferraris are still popular everywhere (other than the US, of course).

People who don't like Yngwie hear him as arrogant, while those who like him see him as confident and straight forward. Two sides of the same coin, actually reflects more on the person perceiving him than the man himself.



You're right on several levels shopson67. My Ferrari is still in the shop, in fact I've never driven because it's been in my fantasy shop right along. They need $250K just for the oil change..... But, as for my musical preferences, I need me some new all the time while still giving my old school the props, so I'm a musical Mormon. I want the new wife music and the whole gambit of all those sister wives choices in music. But, there's nothing like my first wife and her (my taste in music and she had to deal) taste in music, ya know? If I'd gotten behind my first wife, not in reality Mormon, I'd still be listening to the Flashdance soundtrack, like her present husband and his leg warmer wearing new husband. Too bad about his hairline.



You may have one thing wrong eddierowan, I'm, thinking duckwad, based solely on the photo they went with for the article. However, I wouldn't mind having his skills to make the music I'd like to make.



Believe none of what you hear and only a fraction of what you see...... This dude is an original and very creative music man. He has captured the interest of all you fine gents by his personna and his abilities on that righteous Strat obviously. Got to give credit where it's due. Don't hate; it gives discredit to your statements. Be Original Always....boa*



Great Yngwie. I really like his playing.

To the bad comments:

1) Everybody dresses the way they want, especially if you are a great guitarist who invented a new way of playing guitar and someone who inspired a lot of other bands and guitarists that otherwise they would have a different style!

2) = Bad taste

3) Nobody here is insulting anyone, it is just Yngwie's way to say: "Why nobody criticizes Eric Clapton or Jimmy Page for playing just one kind of scale?

4) Haha, maybe because japanese people appreciate good music and the artists find a good public there. USA don't support too well true artists, instead they prefer mainstream poor quality synthetic temporal music. Who's the weird?

5) I think you are musically retarded. That is called "composition timings", something you should know unless you are an ignorant and accustomed to your mainstream music of 4/4.

6) If you don't like him, what are you doing here??? Just go away jealous!


I think some people take what Yngwie says wrong. When he says that Clapton has been playing the same notes for fifty years doesnt mean he is putting their playing down. He is talking about change! He plays the same stuff alot as well and he is meaning that he shouldnt change because people reconize him for what he does! Its cool to see my question got posted! Awesome!



God what a tool this guy is.

1. The 1980's ended a long time ago, stop dressing like a member of Ratt.

2. You're the only person on the planet impressed by your cars. Bright red Ferrari's haven't been cool since Miami Vice.

3. Insulting Clapton just makes you look like a bigger tool.

4. Nobody in the entire United States who isn't a guitar player has ever heard of you. The only reason you have a career is because the Japanese are weird and like your music.

5. Your "symphony" is now 13 years old. And it sucked. It sucked because your timing was way, way off in every movement. Your timing was off because you're a freaking prima donna who refused to take off his gay jewelery which kept clanking during the live recording. You had to overdub it and the whole thing sounds like shit.

6. Answering people's guitar questions with "I dunno I just do it perfect" only further solidifies what a prick you are.



I think he's absolutely right. Who tells Angus to change? Who tells anyone starting out, from Michael Jordan to David Lee Roth, that their confidence is a hindrance? He's not a demeaning violent man, he's a neoclassical metal guitarist/musician who has helped define the genre. Good for him.



I think he's jealous because the likes of Vai, Satch and Gilbert just go from strength-to-strength, and with such humility too!



i love the guy's playing, but he is one big arrogant douchewad

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