In Deep with Andy Aledort: Ozzy Osbourne's "I Don't Know" Video Lesson



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Andy needs to get his facts about Randy's guitars correct. First all Randy's Les Paul was a 1974 not a 1970. The black Jackson did not have a tremolo unit. Randy used 10's or 11's, he hadn't used 9's since his early Quiet Riot days.


I dont know...... if his guitar was out of tune or not but it sounding pretty convincing to me.



thanks for the lesson guys the last riff was buggin me and it was really easy after you see it played slow



On the Randy Rhoads I don't know that Andy Aledort is playing on the website video, Andy's guitar is really out of tune, the open D and G strings together are out and the open B and High E are also out. I was shocked. Maybe he was having a bad day and just didn't feel like tuning it correctly. did anyone else pick that up? Maybe he's tuned properly from a tuner but his intonation needs adjusting.



i want my old mag videos, i can't use the guitar world digital and i have some content in there, how am i gonig to practice without internet ¬¬. good lesson but its not the same.



hey i cant find the scale the summit whales tab, where is it?



This is a great lesson. But since it's no longer on a CD with the Mag, how can I download the lesson to keep for myself? I would like to bring it to the cottage where I have no internet access.



Will you be able to review previous issues? I liked how I could that. To tell the truth, I like the old version because of that and I don't think you can now. Am I right or wrong?

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