In Deep: Broaden Your Soloing Horizons by Improvising on Only One, Two or Three Strings



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Mr. Aledort, Dude! Another Awesome/Practical/Useful lesson! Thank You. I have been working on two string scales and you brought me down a notch this is way better for learning and "building Confidence" Thank you for an actual answer to getting out of a "rut".



I like it.
Thanks Andy for a great lesson.



So what is it exactly that I am supposed to be commenting on here?? I see a couple of paragraphs featuring what by itself amounts to little more than contrived BS, followed by headings (Part 1, Part 2) with nothing following other than white space. For whatever reason, every "Featured Lesson" that I have attempted to read is the same thing, a paragraph or so of contrived BS telling the reader what they will not be seeing below. Very lame indeed there Gilligan, I'm glad GP has their stuff together.



Thanks for commenting, oldhippie! Something is wrong with your browser. You're not seeing the videos, which are obviously there. Try refreshing your browser. On Mozilla/Firefox (which I use), the videos don't seem to appear until you refresh the browser. Hope this works for you! For the text portion of these lessons (plus the figures that go with the lessons), look in the new March issue of GW.

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