In Deep: Chicken Pickin'



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can anyone tell me how to watch the indeep chicken pickin videos or where I can obtain them. I saw the first one on another website and did a search and now I am here. Any help appreciated.



chicken picken is a "sound" created on guitar, but it's technique is very specific. Instead of regular muting the strings to get a percussive sound. The muting comes from the fingers of the pick hand. So if you're using a pick, you would mute the string with your middle finger while picking the string, then you can pluck the string with your middle finger. If not using a pick, then mute with your index finger, pluck with the thumb, then pluck with the index finger.



Andy, I hope you get to see this.....your instructions and teachings are above and beyond. Your time and efforts to do this is well appreciated.
I can not thank you enough for these lessons.
I have been searching for years for this.

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