In Deep Lesson with Andy Aledort: How to Play "Little Wing" by Jimi Hendrix



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Great lesson! What issue is this from?



Quick question: Why is Hendrix playing right handed with a flipped over lefty??!! I realize the picture was flipped, but this is goofy-looking. Aside from that, everything else is good haha...



Yeah, I noticed that first thing. C'mon Guitar World, that's got to be bad luck, you just don't put up a picture of the God of Guitar playing right handed. Fix it, quick!



Great stuff...I've bought a bunch of your books & vids! Any chance there's an "In Deep" with Stone Free, 51st Anniversary or Are You Experienced? I've got the DVD w/ Velvert (?) but you don't talk through like this format.


deedee ramone

Andy, I consider you a historian of Hendrix music, helping to keep it alive for young guitar players that discover his amazing music. Couldy you consider doing a tab or lesson on Villanova Junction? Your tabs on Manic Depression and Little Wing are great but how about something for the die hards like me that love those rarely heard tracks like Villnova?



Brother Andy~
Best Instructor ever! I purchased a few years ago "Axis Bold as love" it had the DVD and Tabs. It was stolen along with my gear. Life has came back to normal, but, I can not find Hendrix's stuff with tabs and DVD.

On Guitar World I have the tabs but no full length video! with Guitar great instructing but no tabs..~SOB~

Help me out Brother!If you know where I could purchase "Axis Bold as love with TAB,TAB,TAB and DVD that would be great!



Andy Aledort

Hey guys--

The Strat is one that I built from parts about 25 years ago. The neck is a 22-fret maple recreation of the original rosewood board neck on my '61 Strat. They did a great job; the neck is fantastic. The body is alder and the pickups are original Seymour Duncan SSL-1L's from 1980, when Duncan first made replacement pickups available. The "L" means they are reverse polepiece (as in "lefty"). The bridge pickup is an SSL-5L which means it's a hotter pickup than the 1L's. Great guitar.


Andy's the man!!



Any details on the strat that Andy is playing?

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