Deep Purple Post Lyric Video for New Song, "All The Time In The World"



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Pretty good new track!
Ezrin has a knack for being a bit soft in the shred department, but that's alright. When he was young and hungry he did produce Alice Cooper's "Killer" which is an amazing hard rock masterpiece with some great leads throughout (horns in "Under My Wheels" had to be his idea). Putting his children's vocals on walkie talkies as background noise on "God of Thunder" was weird and distracting during the Kiss album recording and Ace was almost nowhere to be found. Bob, it's "God of Thunder", not Lord of the Flies or Children of the Corn. Demon growls may have been better in the background and more reflective of Gene's personality. Oh well, what do I know? Beth was a great money maker and that's all that matters to Gene anyways.



pleasant to listen to...good production.

I hope there is more guitar in the other tracks though.

Wish y'all good luck DP!



How could Ezrin let Gillan get away with those lyrics? Steve, Roger and Paicey are sounding good, though.

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