Deep Purple Unsure About Making New Album



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That sounds like the thing to do. If you have new material record it live. You get paid for the concert and don't have to spend anything on studio time. You could do a DVD video but if you're not going to get some sexy back up singers or hire Anne Marie Calhoun to play violin, why bother. Who wants to see a bunch of old men on stage. Anne Marie Calhoun, yeah that's the ticket. I'm sure she could find something to play that would fit in with Purple and my, oh, my is she hot looking. I wonder if there is a female Deep Purple tribute band? Have to look that up.



Interesting article, just as new information comes out about classic rock bands and their newest discs have all entered the top 40 charts. Paul Simon, The Cars and Journey have all debuted at the top of the Top 40 charts with strong album sales. Also, bands such as Iron Maiden, Chickenfoot and Judas Priest are still selling stuff despite the fact both bands feature musicians who are still making new music and it is still selling. In fact, both Zakk Wylde and Judas Preist have renewed interest now that both acts have appeared on American Idol.

I think Deep Purple can still make new discs and sell them to the public. Sure the digital age has upset album sales compared to the way these sells used to be. But adapting to the new ways of technology may help save these bands. Also, here's something to ponder: Why haven't bands released new music at their shows? Frank Zappa used to record new material at concerts and therby release the shows altogther with the new songs, thereby saving studio costs and getting up front royalties for performance based discs. Some groups are releasing discs of shows once the shows are done and fans can pick up the discs as they leave the actual show. KISS and Jeff beck have done this method now and the reaction seems to be positive. Could Deep Purple do the same?

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