Deep Purple's Ian Gillan Has No Desire to Reunite with Ritchie Blackmore



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I sense that this has to be stated: This subject is DATED & has been harped upon many, many times. It is TOTALLY irrelevant and has nothing whatsoever to do with "news" - It simply serves as an example of very bad journalism (a term very loosely used here.).
Blackmore seems to be doing great, he's still a VERY, very good guitar player; DP is blooming, just released a great piece of work, & the very poor taste of bringing this up in GW magazine shows a lack of inspiration amongst your editors & not much else.



I saw DP many times in the 80's and only the tour of the perfect strangers lp did blackmour seem even a little into playing at all. He would play a few fills and then a ramshakle solo then walk behind his amps then come out for the next tune. weird. the funny thing you really didn't notice because jon, ian, and roger were smokin'.
And don't get me wrong i am a big ritche fan. one of the best shows i've ever seen was rainbow playing to 300 people in the mid 90's. But ritches heart has not been with DP in along time.



I am an old DP fan and I like more DP with Steve Morse than with Ritchie Blackmore. I don't care how great and classic was Ritchie Blackmore and of course He was. Deep Purple with Steve Morse redefined their sound. For me Ritchie can continue playing with his wife, actually they're doing it very well!



Agreed. IMO, it's a win-win situation for both men. Ian Gillan gets to work with a hugely talented, non-temperamental guitarist and Blackmore gets to work with a much prettier lead singer.

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