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In Deep Video Lesson: Grunge

In Deep Video Lesson: Grunge
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Lesson 1 - "Rusty Cage" Soundgarden's "Rusty Cage" is played in drop-B tuning, which is standard tuning with the low E string tuned down to B (low to high, B A D G B E.) Here, Guitar World's Andy Aledort shows you how to play the two intertwining parts of the intro, as well as the verse part, which is a variation of the intro riff played an octave lower.

Lesson Contents Lesson 1 - "Rusty Cage" intro and verse Lesson 2 - "Rusty Cage" chorus and bridge Lesson 3 - Soundgarden Lesson 4 - Alice In Chains Lesson 5 - Pearl Jam Lesson 6 - Nirvana

For the full tabs and notes on this lesson, check out the January issue of Guitar World. Buy the issue here


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