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In Deep Video Lesson: Grunge

In Deep Video Lesson: Grunge
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Lesson 3 - Soundgarden Here, Andy shows you some of Soundgarden guitarist Kim Thayil's favorite tunings and tricks. Soundgarden make extensive use of drop tunings, so all of the riffs here use either drop-B or drop-D (low to high, D A D G B E) tuning.

Lesson Contents Lesson 1 - "Rusty Cage" intro and verse Lesson 2 - "Rusty Cage" chorus and bridge Lesson 3 - Soundgarden Lesson 4 - Alice In Chains Lesson 5 - Pearl Jam Lesson 6 - Nirvana

For the full tabs and notes on this lesson, check out the January issue of Guitar World. Buy the issue here


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