Demo Video: Marshall Handwired 1973X Amp



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Great sounding amp to me. I agree with some other comments that it's quite limited as far as options. No reverb, no separate tone controls no channel switching. So basically you get a great sounding amp with no other bells and whistles. Most everyone has a pedal board to add whatever flavor they wish, so yeah this amp would be nice to have. Not sure how much it costs and in this day and age every company needs to compete for you $$$$. My Marshall JVM 410 is the best amp I've ever owned and probally cost less than this one. It would still be nice to have though.
And I like the demo. The guy shows what the amp does and sounds like, and how refreshing it is to see (hear) someone that isn't trying to impress everyone by playing 1000 per second. There's way too mucjh of that crap.



Probably a nice amp if you're Eric Clapton but then again he probably has the original. At nearly $3k for an 18 watt combo I don't see these flying off the shelves plus lets be realistic, unless you're using this for studio work how versatile is this amp. Does it come with a little elf that turns the volume knob to get the different tones like he demonstrates. And how many of us can play through a dry amp with no reverb or delay. You start adding in boosts or overdrives, delays and reverb pedals to get a the amp to work for you in a live gig and you've deleted the purpose of this $3000 "hand-wired" as opposed to wired by monkeys amp. I like the guy's comment on how the "hand-wired" aspect is one of the reasons you get that feedback, what a wanker!



for real man! That is such a lame promo. Anyone that can afford that amp knows that guy is full of crap. It is hardwired so it will feedback great! That ad is absurd. At least when paul gilbert shows off gear he shreds a little so its worth a watch. This dude is just blowing smoke hoping some rich kid is dumb enough to buy his bologna.

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